FilGoal | News | Report: FIFA is considering increasing the World Cup squad to 26 players


FIFA is considering allowing the World Cup squad to be increased to 26 players.

The list of each team was to include 23 players, while FIFA is considering increasing the number with three more players.

Simon Evans, a Reuters journalist, revealed that FIFA intends to increase the number of players to 26 per team.

He explained that FIFA will discuss the matter with the coaches during the meeting on Friday, before issuing the final decision.

The World Cup draw will be held on Friday, April 1 in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The drawing ceremony will start at 6 pm Cairo time, and it is expected to be broadcast on the beIN Sports news channel.

FIFA provides a live broadcast through its official YouTube channels and social networking sites.

And 27 seats out of the 32 expected to participate in the 2022 World Cup have been decided.

Teams qualified for the World Cup


Senegal – Morocco – Tunisia – Ghana – Cameroon


Germany – England – Belgium – Denmark – France – Spain – Portugal – Croatia – Serbia – Poland – Netherlands – Switzerland

South america

Brazil – Argentina – Ecuador – Uruguay


Saudi Arabia – North Korea – Japan – Iran

North Amarica


There are 5 unresolved seats left, 2 from North America, 1 from the European Annex, and 2 from the Annex.


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