FilGoal | News | Ronaldo explodes in the face of a journalist: I am the one who decides if it is my last World Cup..and we play the match of our lives


Portugal captain and all-time goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo showed palpable exasperation when answering a reporter’s question about his international future.

Portugal will host North Macedonia at the Dragao Stadium in the decisive round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for Europe on Tuesday evening.

Ronaldo was asked during the pre-match conference if he was going to play the last World Cup in his football career.

The Manchester United star replied wryly: “This question has begun to be asked of me frequently.”

He added: “I am the only one who will decide my future, not anyone else. If I see that I can continue playing, I will. If I see that I cannot, I will stop. I am responsible for that decision, and a point.”

On the other hand, Ronaldo sent a message to the organizers at the Dragao stadium not to play the Portuguese national anthem through loudspeakers, so that the singing sound comes out naturally by the audience.

Ronaldo said: “I would like to sing the national anthem in the stadium without music, this will reflect the spirit and determination that we have.”

He stressed, “If we sing the national anthem as we did in the Turkey match, I am confident that we will win.”

Ronaldo continued, “The team is confident in itself and we are excited to go to the final. It is the match of our lives, just as it is for the North Macedonia players.”

He explained: “The pressure is always there and we are well aware that it will be a difficult match. North Macedonia arrived in this match for what it deserves, it is an organized team and we will respect them. But if we play at our level, we will be able to defeat any team in the world.”

Portugal was forced to enter the World Cup play-off after finishing the regular qualifiers in second place after a fatal defeat in the last second against Serbia.

Portugal beat Turkey by three goals to one in the play-off semi-finals, while North Macedonia defeated European champions Italy with a goal in overtime.

Ronaldo, 37, has competed in the World Cup on 4 previous occasions, and is seeking to equal the record with 5 participations recorded by Mexican Antonio Carvajal, his compatriot Rafa Marquez, and German Lothar Matthaus.

Ronaldo is the most capped player in Portugal’s history with 185 matches, and scored 115 goals for his country, and is the best international scorer in history.

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