FilGoal | News | The Football Association for the Joule: It is possible that Queiroz will continue with the Egyptian national team.. Our decision is within a week


Mohamed Abu Al-Wafa, a member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, said that it is possible that Carlos Queiroz will continue to lead the technical leadership of the Egyptian national team, despite not qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

Abu Al-Wafa spoke to, saying: “It is possible that Queiroz will continue to lead the Egyptian national team. He did not fail in his work, but rather presented more than we expected in the 2021 African Nations Cup.”

He continued, “Against Senegal, he did his technical work, but luck was not on our side. We will meet and take our decision within a week.”

He explained, “After the match, there was no time to talk to him, and everyone was sad, and we went back to Egypt directly.”

Abu Al-Wafa concluded his speech by saying, “It is likely that Queiroz will travel on a short vacation and return to Egypt again to meet him.”

In the same context, learned from a source within the Football Association that the meeting with Queiroz will witness a discussion of what happened in the Arab Cup, the African Nations Cup and the Senegal matches in the World Cup qualifiers.

He added, “There is a desire from the Football Association to get acquainted with the coach about the reasons for his decisions and his interpretation in all the tournaments in which he participated.”

He continued, “There is a desire to leave a space of time before making any decision regarding Queiroz’s stay or departure, so that there is a vision that has crystallized about the team and its future, as well as identifying Queiroz’s desire or not to continue with the Egyptian national team.”

Queiroz had announced his departure from the Egyptian national team in his statements at the press conference that followed the 3-1 defeat by Senegal on penalties.

There was a clause in the Portuguese coach’s contract with the Football Association, requiring the termination of the contract if he failed to qualify for the World Cup.


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