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The future of Watan snatched the qualification card for the second degree for the first time in its history at the expense of the stars.

The future of the homeland topped the standings of the fifth group with 66 points, evenly with the stars, but direct confrontations were the ones that decided the qualification of the first, after winning back and forth over the stars.

Mohamed Hassan, the technical director of the Future Watan Club, told “I agreed with the Board of Directors, headed by Ashraf Rashad and Ahmed El-Gendy, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, to ascend and thank them for their continued support and trust.”

And he continued, “The confrontations of the stars and Abu Nomros are among the most difficult confrontations, and we had very strong meetings in the Giza group.”

While Islam Anwar, the team’s goalkeeper, told FilGoal.comI achieved my ascent with Future Watan for the fifth time after my promotion with Damanhour, Al-Rajaa and the Eastern Company to the Premier League, as well as my rise with the Eastern Company from the third division to the second division.

And he continued, “The team includes distinguished elements with experiences such as Osha, Osama Khalil, Adel Imam, Ahmed Tariq, Nashat Massad, Ayman Mazika, and Omar Jihad, who suffered a cartilage injury.”

The team qualified in its first season from the fourth to third division, and will compete in the next season in the second division clubs.

As far as I know Earlier, the Future Club, which plays in the Premier League this season, is independent, and has nothing to do with the Future Watan Club, which qualified for the Egyptian second division.

At the time, Mohamed Hassan, the technical director of the Future Watan Club, said in statements “The Future Homeland team continues in the third division, and we strive to ascend to the second division.”

He added, “We are affiliated with the Future of the Watan Party, but we have nothing to do with the Coca-Cola Club or the Future Club.”


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