FilGoal | News | Two forced changes .. Rabia and Omar Jaber left due to injury in the first 36 minutes against Senegal


Egypt coach Carlos Queiroz had to make two emergency changes against Senegal in the first 36 minutes.

Egypt is a guest of Senegal in the second leg of the African play-off qualifier for the 2022 World Cup.

Rami Rabia came out in the 29th minute of the match after complaining of a muscle injury after a chance for Senegal.

Ayman Ashraf replaced him in the defense of the Egyptian national team.

It is noteworthy that Ramy Rabia joined the list of Egypt after the return meeting with Ali Gabr, following the absence of the duo Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Mahmoud Hamdi “Al Wansh”.

Omar Jaber could not be injured after he fell for the third time in the match to go out in the 36th minute and was replaced by Imam Ashour.

And Imam Ashour had previously played against Senegal as a right-back in the 2021 African Cup of Nations final.

Senegal advanced early in the third minute through Boulaye Dia from a free kick for the hosts, bringing the result to a tie between the two teams in the total of the two matches.

And the Egyptian national team outperformed, with a goal without a response, at Cairo Stadium.


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