For diabetics… Choices of healthy meals at Suhoor and Iftar during Ramadan


offer a site DiabetesUK Healthy food and beverage options during Ramadan for diabetics to avoid low or high blood sugar levels, in the Iftar and Suhoor meals.

Ramadan, fasting and diabetics
Ramadan, fasting and diabetics

The Suhoor meal is a “meal before dawn”.

It is important not to skip the suhoor meal just before dawn, and be sure to eat starchy foods rich in fiber such as high-fiber cereals, oats, buckwheat, bulgur or brown rice, as they are absorbed more slowly and have a low glycemic index, this will help in maintaining Keep blood sugar levels in a safe range while fasting.

The site said, chickpeas and beans are good sources of protein, and they are also rich in fiber. Pair them with fruits and vegetables, as this can help prevent constipation and keep your heart healthy, explaining that before you start the day fasting, you should drink plenty of sugar-free fluids. and caffeine to avoid dehydration during the day.

Healthy meals in Ramadan
Healthy meals in Ramadan


Fasting may be broken by dates, they are rich in fiber and a rich source of carbohydrates, two large dates (30 grams without nuclei), can provide about 20 grams of carbohydrates, which is roughly equivalent to a medium slice of bread, try to limit the number of dates by eating one to break the fast or with a cup from water.

Try to rehydrate your body With sugar-free liquidsWater is the best option. Avoid sugary sodas or fruit juices because they raise blood sugar and make you thirsty..

Milk drinks are a good source of protein and calcium, but the unsweetened types are the healthiest option.

It can be tempting to snack on sweets, especially if family or friends are sharing it. Sweets such as baklava, basbousa or kunafa can be high in fat and sugar, and only a small amount can cause an increase in sugar in your blood. the blood.

Try to only eat fried and fatty foods in moderation as eating them frequently may lead to weight gain. During Ramadan, these foods can also affect your heart health as they tend to contain a high percentage of saturated fats and salts which can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol. And blood pressure about healthy levels.


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