For free .. Egypt offers “Noah’s Ark” to people with Down syndrome


The project was chosen in the city of Tanta, the capital of Gharbia Governorate, which is located approximately 93 km north of the city CairoAnd with an artistic design that resembles a ship in the sea, so that children can feel comfortable.

Anba Paula, Metropolitan of Tanta and its dependencies, says: “The project is humanitarian to the fullest extent. It is a global project on Egyptian soil to serve one of the most needy groups, free of charge, whether at the level of permanent residence or frequency to obtain various services.”

European experiences

The official in charge of the astronomy project for the care of the heroes of Down syndrome continued, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”: “The most happy thing for any person is to make others happy and see the smile on his face. I visited a number of European countries to see their projects, such as Italy and Switzerland, and recorded all the details for their use in Our project, to invite them to see what happened on the ground EgyptTo be amazed at what has been implemented to serve the people.”

Al-Falak provides treatment, rehabilitation, training and skills development services for owners Down’s syndromeThrough permanent residency for those over the age of 18, or by frequenting the project for those under the age of 18.

The project works to rehabilitate families in which there are children with special mental abilities, to deal with them properly, and integrate them into society without any of them feeling that they are less than the normal.

The secret of choosing a name

Regarding the choice of “the ark” or “Noah’s ark” as the name of the place, the Metropolitan of Tanta and its dependencies explained: “Everyone who entered the ark survived and lived, and we want to save as many children as possible and provide them with various services that help them and make them effective and productive, so that the content of the place inside was completed. Executing it in the form of animals and birds.

The official in charge of the project explained: “We trained a number of leaders, in addition to supporting them to travel for a long time in Europe For full coexistence and training to deal with children in an optimal and professional manner, in addition to preparing a number of cadres during the past months to perform the service for the beneficiaries in the best way.”

The opening of the project on Tuesday was attended by Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, Dr. Shawky Allam, Mufti of the Republic, and the Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, Ambassador Nabila MakramDr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, and a number of dignitaries in Egypt.

ululates rise

The Metropolitan of Tanta and its dependencies describes what happened at the opening as “joyful”, saying: “The celebration was great, and the children were very happy about the place and celebrated it alongside their families, who made us happy with what was implemented. One of the joyful manifestations is that all the neighbors are Muslims, and when they saw His Holiness Pope Tawadros, they were They shriek in gratitude for his presence.”

And Anba Paula added: “The mothers will be received one day each week to explain to them the details of the optimal treatment of any person with Down syndrome, in addition to hosting any institution that desires a similar project, to train and qualify them for that.”

The new project takes care of people with syndrome Down Free of charge, in addition to rehabilitating them, treating them, training and teaching them various skills and crafts to integrate them into society, through a number of factories and workshops that have been implemented for all production activities and various technical practices.

It includes “astronomyWhich was implemented on an area of ​​6332 square meters, a number of open playgrounds, in addition to the latest sensory and motor development laboratories based on studies conducted in Italia and Switzerland to develop the skills of people with special needs.

Comprehensive medical file

The Metropolitan of Tanta and its dependencies continued: “We are making a comprehensive medical file for everyone, containing all the medical measurements and the needs required to be presented to him to improve his health condition in the clinics that have been implemented, whether as physiotherapy, different clinics, pharmacies, or through isolation rooms. What we have done is preparing The place is in the way we rejoice as Egyptians.”

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, the project official confirmed: “Whoever wishes to be in the ark must fill out the form, which will be reviewed by us, with priority given to the most needy groups. The building accommodates approximately 140 people who reside in it. complete, in addition to accommodating approximately 200 daily visitors.

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