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When you visit a German restaurant, you may be surprised by the disappearance of French fries (or French fries) from the menu. From the beginning of April, the famous restaurant “Gaffel am Dom” in Cologne (Cologne), will no longer serve French fries.

Due to lack of frying oil, the famous restaurant removed French fries from its menu. Which is bad news for many fans of the famous German dish, curry sausage with French fries, the traditional side dish that accompanies many fast foods.

Ramifications Russias invasion of Ukraine Not only did it raise prices at gas stations, but it reached the stomach as well. Frying oil, in particular, is now harder to come by, which may affect many junk food.

“It’s not an April Fool’s Day,” restaurant manager Erwin Ott said in a statement to the KOlner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper. He continued, “We have stopped laughing. Our oil suppliers can no longer adequately meet our needs, which is why we decided to take this step.”

A tough move for the restaurant, because curry sausages and French fries are among the dishes served here at a rate of 1,000 dishes per month, as the restaurant needs about 100 liters of oil per week to serve all dishes regularly.

But recently, only 20 liters were available, and instead of french fries, there will be stewed and boiled potatoes as an accompaniment to future dishes.

According to the Association of Hotels and Restaurants in North Rhine-Westphalia DEHOGA, the needs of this restaurant in Cologne are not an isolated case, as the association’s spokesman, Thorsten Helfig, said in a statement to the German news agency (dpa): “We have a tense situation in which getting On certain types of frying oil, such as sunflower oil, it is more difficult than usual.”

Other restaurants and mobile stores in major cities such as Frankfurt and Hamburg have taken a similar step. Curry sausages are no longer served there with fries, but only with salad! Rapeseed oil is rare, and its prices have gone up, too. Therefore, a number of restaurant owners had to remove French fries from the menu, while others chose to raise their price.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of sunflower oil in the world, but the war there has disrupted the flow of a number of goods, the most important of which is sunflower oil, which is indispensable in cooking snacks.


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