Gold prices in Egypt are declining for the second time, and 21 karat records 970 pounds per gram


Gold prices fell today in Egypt for the second time by about 5 pounds, after a decline this morning by the same value, against the backdrop of the decline of gold in global stock exchanges to levels of 1917 dollars per ounce per ounce, compared to levels of 1940 dollars yesterday.

Today’s gold prices of 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt, declined from 975 pounds per gram to 970 pounds per gram, a decrease of about 5 pounds, but these prices are subject to change quickly around the clock, as gold is affected by the strength of the dollar and other factors.

Gold prices today

Carat 18 recorded 830 pounds per gram

21 carat recorded 970 pounds per gram

24 karat records 1108 pounds

The gold pound is 7760 pounds.

The gold prices published in the context of this report are not added to the price of workmanship, which varies from one merchant to another and from one company to another, and the workmanship reaches 7% of the price of a gram, and there are some major companies and factories that put high factories that exceed 100 pounds per gram.

How do gold prices move?

Gold prices in Egypt are affected by the movement of the dollar in the banking market, as well as linked to the movement of the price of the yellow metal in global stock exchanges. Safe havens.

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