Google removes millions of fake profiles and ‘offensive’ comments from Maps


Google Maps is one of the most popular apps from Google, with millions of people using it to navigate and with so many users, chances are there are a few bad actors too. and abusive.

In the blog post, Google said that scammers sometimes try to update business information on Google’s business profiles with offensive mods, and Pavithra Kanakarajan, Group Product Manager, User Generated wrote: “In 2021, we blocked more than 100 million of these mods from running thanks to the advances. continuous machine learning models that have improved our ability to detect bot activity and detect patterns of suspicious activity.”

Kanakrajan also wrote that due to improvements in Google’s machine learning technologies, it has identified and removed more than 7 million fake business profiles from Google Maps, and furthermore, Google has stopped more than 12 million attempts by bad actors to create fake business profiles. And nearly 8 million attempts by bad actors to claim business files that don’t belong to them.

Apart from this, Google disables more than 1 million user accounts due to policy-violating activity, such as vandalism or online fraud.

Fake reviews.. Blurry images removed

There are many individuals and groups who attempt to use false reviews as a tactic to harm local businesses – often driven by public interest in differences of opinion – through Google Maps.

And in 2021, to prevent offending content from appearing in Google’s business profiles, Google put security measures in place on more than 100,000 companies after detecting suspicious activity and attempted abuse.

Google has also blocked or removed more than 95 million reviews that violate the policy, more than 60,000 of which have been removed due to COVID-related cases, and also, Google has banned or removed more than 190 million photos and 5 million videos that were blurry and low-quality, or violated policies own content.


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