Google rescues Chrome browser from a serious software vulnerability


Google has announced its intention to release software updates for the Chrome browser aimed at protecting users from a software vulnerability that could affect the privacy of their data, according to an RT report.

According to the available information, the patches released to the browser are aimed at protecting users from a vulnerability that belongs to the so-called zero-day vulnerabilities and can be exploited by hackers to launch cyber attacks.

Some websites indicated that the aforementioned vulnerability, which carries the code (CVE-2022-1096), affects the mechanism of JavaScrip software, and it can be exploited to know the traffic of Internet users or install malicious software in their devices to steal their Chrome browser data.

For its part, Google confirmed the existence of this vulnerability, but it did not publish detailed data about it, and indicated that Chrome users will receive a new update for the application to protect them from its effects. It should be noted that the new version (99.0.4844.84) ​​of Chrome is now available for devices running Windows, macOS and Linux, and can It appears to users automatically on their devices or can be downloaded to computers via the settings menus


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