Google updates Chrome browser to version 100


Google updated Chrome to version 100, roughly 14 years after introducing it to the world with its all-inclusive omnibox design in 2008. The search giant’s browser has gained a new version number roughly every six weeks, but last year, the company switched to a two-year cycle. Four weeks to introduce new features more quickly.

She said the version 100 update is now rolling out to stable channels across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The first three-digit version of Chrome has arrived with more “fixes and improvements”. The biggest change is the arrival of an updated logo. The new design removes some shading details from the 2014 era logo, giving a more streamlined look that’s more in line with app icons for other Google services.

Chrome’s Android Lite mode disappears with this version

Other changes coming with Chrome 100 include the removal of “Simple Mode” in the browser’s Android app, which was previously designed to use less mobile data and load web pages faster.

But as Chrome Support Director Craig Tumblison explained in a post last month, the feature has become less important as mobile data costs drop, and Chrome in general has become more data-efficient.

There were concerns that moving to version 100 might cause problems for any websites designed only to recognize browsers with two-digit version numbers.

But since Google has been warning about the move for months, it’s possible that any major bugs have already been discovered and fixed. If not, Google said it was able to freeze its browser’s version number at 99 while addressing these issues.


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