Hackers steal $600 million in cryptocurrency from Ronin


  • Joe Tidy
  • Cyber ​​Correspondent

Two people playing Axi Infinity on PC.

picture released, Getty Images

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Axi Infinity is a popular game that allows players to earn non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies.

Thousands, if not millions, may have lost their money in the second largest cryptocurrency hack in history.

$615 million was stolen from Ronin Network, the main platform that powers the popular mobile game Axis Infinity.

One of those affected is Dan Ren, a 20-year-old from Wiltshire. He told the BBC: “I lost 0.15 Ethereum, which is about $500. It’s bad but I have friends who are worse off.”

“I lost about $10,000,” said Jack Kenny, one of those friends.


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