He kills a young woman and rips her body to shreds.. and the tattoo reveals her identity


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Media reports say a man in Italy has confessed to killing a young woman and dismembering her body. The woman had been missing for weeks.

The brutal crime caused a stir for several days in the Mediterranean country.

On the twentieth of this month, the body of a woman in her twenties was found in the countryside near the city of Prisica in northern Italy, according to police reports, although it was not initially clear the identity of the dead woman.

Investigators announced the discovery of the body a few days later, and are looking for clues that would lead to her identification with the help of descriptions of tattoos on her body.

And according to what several Italian newspapers reported in their Wednesday editions, a 43-year-old man confessed to the crime.

Italian news agency ANSA reported that an investigative judge questioned the man, a banker, again on Wednesday morning.

The man confessed to the crime, Italian news site Fanpage reported, citing his lawyer.


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