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12:27 PM | Thursday, March 31, 2022

Reports: Mohamed Salah may cause Sadio Mane to leave Liverpool

Sadio Mane, Liverpool player

Senegalese Sadio Mane is moving away from plans to renew contracts in Liverpool, despite his exceptional performance over the past years in the Reds shirt, but the English club’s management is focused on preserving the Egyptian pharaoh, whose contract expires at the end of 2023, in light of his name being linked to the move to the European giants.

Mohamed Salah reduces the chances of Sadio Mane staying in Liverpool

Although Sadio Mane One of the most important contracts in Jurgen Klopp’s history with Liverpool, after he brought him from Southampton, in 2016, but the English club did not enter into negotiations with the Senegalese in order to determine the possibility of him continuing with the team for future seasons, although his contract with the Reds expires in 2023, It is the same timing for the end of Mohamed Salah’s contract, according to the British newspaper, “Liverpool Echo”.

Liverpool, during the last stage, was keen to sign new alternatives at the level of the offensive line, in order to secure its ranks from the departure of its stars, who arm them in this regard, led by Sadio Mane, as the duo Diego Jota and Luis Diaz are the closest alternatives to the Senegalese, especially since they occupy the same position. And they are doing well, in addition to avoiding the Reds’ administration to enter into any negotiations with the Senegalese striker.

And the British newspaper stated, that Sadio Mane may leave at the end of his contract with Liverpool, if the Reds administration does not enter into serious negotiations with him, as happens with the rest of the team’s stars, led by them. Mohamed SalahHe is waiting to get a good offer in order to stay, and he has turned a blind eye to the idea of ​​leaving at the end of his contract.

Sadio Mane is experiencing his best professional period since his move to Liverpool, under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, as the Senegalese holds the 2019-20 Premier League titles, 2018-2019 Champions League, 2021-2022 Premier League, 2019 European Super Cup and 2019 Club World Cup.


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