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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

The Social Housing Fund ends the electronic reservation of the housing projects, Dar Misr and Jannah, after offering approximately 18.5 thousand units in about 15 new cities.

The new offering of medium housing apartments is the first of its kind, after implementing the initiative of the Central Bank for real estate financing at an interest rate of 3% last July.

During the confinement days, a phenomenon occurred for the first time in the electronic offering of the Ministry of Housing, which is trading in reservation codes and trying to sell them to other gatekeepers, and we explain this as follows:

What is an online reservation?

In recent years, the Ministry of Housing has relied on the electronic reservation of apartments instead of allocating them by public lottery, where the citizen wishing to book submits all the papers on the website, and the brochure of conditions is also downloaded from the website.

The conditions brochure includes all the reservation information, including the specifications of the units and their locations. Each unit is marked with a special code that is used for electronic reservation. In the event that a unit is allocated to any barrier, it cannot be assigned to any other person.

What is priority assignment?

Among the steps of the electronic reservation, the step of allocation is found in precedence, where the Social Housing Fund allocates a specific time for each project, where it enters the barrier on the website and begins to search for codes that have not been allocated and tries to reserve them, and if it is booked, it will appear to all the other barriers that this code has been reserved.

Housing Apartments Brokers:

The Ministry of Housing relied on electronic reservation to provide the opportunity for all applicants equally at one time, but there are some bookmakers who have started to reserve units and promote reservation codes through Facebook pages and groups to sell reservation code.

How is the reservation code sold?

The owner of the code displays the name of the project and the city on the pages specialized in real estate and housing apartments for a fee, and after agreeing with the buyer on the price, which reached 30,000 pounds, the code is sent to the buyer, then he enters the website and gives up the code, and the buyer begins to search for and select the unit code on the site .

Codes sale ads can be viewed as follows:


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