Housing offers lands, villas and units in the “House of the Homeland” project for Egyptians abroad


Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, announced a new proposal in the eighth phase of the “House of the Homeland” project for Egyptians abroad, after the approval of the Council of Ministers in its session held yesterday, Wednesday, and the New Urban Communities Authority sets prices and numbers according to the vision of the Ministry of Housing and the regulations in force in the authority..

The minister said: The offering includes residential plots for individuals, plots of mixed activity, cemeteries, villas, various housing units (housing: luxury – above average – medium), and administrative units, as part of the state’s efforts to provide various types of housing for its children working abroad. Fulfilling their desire to own their own home, and linking them to their motherland.

Regarding the details of the offering, Dr. Assem El-Gazzar said: Residential plots are being offered for individuals in 9 new cities (New Cairo – 6 October – Sheikh Zayed – New Damietta – El Obour – El Shorouk – Badr – El Obour El Gadida – Sadat), and plots of land with mixed activity in the new city of Damietta. , as well as cemeteries in 4 new cities (New Cairo – Badr – Tenth of Ramadan – New October), in addition to offering residential villas in the new administrative capital and the new city of Mansoura..

The Minister of Housing added: The eighth phase of the “Bait Al Watan” project also includes the offering of luxury housing units, with the following projects (Al Alamein Beach Towers “North Edge” – Downtown El Alamein – Latin Quarter – Sawari Towers – Rehab and Madinaty – JANNA – Third Residential District “R3” In the new administrative capital)as well as offering housing units (above average – average) in the “Sakan Misr” project in the new city of El Alamein, and the Majri El-Ayoun wall project, in addition to offering administrative units in (Downtown in New Alamein City) and others..

The minister indicated that the price per square meter is set in Egyptian pounds, provided that payment is made in foreign currency (dollars), and reservation and payment are made by bank transfer from abroad in dollars or from within, provided that the currency is available in bank accounts 60 days before the start of the reservation, and cash deposits in dollars are prohibited. According to the instructions of the Central Bank of Egypt.

He said: The general conditions include the following, that the barrier should have the Egyptian nationality, and be at least 21 years old, and the real estate regulations of the New Urban Communities Authority are adhered to, and the priority of booking is given the priority of transferring the full amount of the advance payment, and in the event that the full amount is paid at this stage or In the previous stages, 7.5% of the remaining amount is deducted after paying the advance payment on a permanent basis, except if the payment is for the last installment. The remaining installments for all axes are paid with bank interest on the remaining balance at an interest rate of 3.5% annually. The price of the day the installment is due, and the penalty for delay is calculated on the payment of the installment and the interest from the date of the installment’s maturity and the interest at the rate of the payment day.

He explained that the buyer of all the axes of the residential and administrative units and villas, except for the units of the Al-Rehab and Madinaty projects, is obligated to pay a maintenance deposit of 5% for the two projects (Sakan Misr – The Wall of Majri Al-Ayoun) to be paid with the down payment, and 8% for the rest of the units, and the allocation will not be made without transferring the amount of the deposit in addition To the full advance payment, and until the establishment of the union of the occupants, the Authority shall undertake the disbursement of the return on the deposit through a company that undertakes the management, maintenance, cleanliness and security of the project located within the scope of the unit. The Authority, and the contracting expenses established in accordance with the rules, as well as the expenses of utilities for the residential and administrative unit and villas (gas meter – electricity meter – water meter) are paid whenever the Authority connects them to the unit.

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