How to star important messages in the Google Messages app


Over the years, Google has introduced some interesting features in the default messaging app – Google Messages, and last year, the tech giant rolled out a feature for the Messages app that enabled users to keep track of their important messages.

And Google introduced a feature called Star Messages that allows users to separate their important messages from all conversations, so, if you also want to keep your important conversations close at hand, use the Star Messages feature in the Google Messages app, here’s how to do it.

How to star messages

1. Open the Messages app on your smartphone

2. Open the conversation you want to star a message in

3. Now tap and hold on the message that you want to star.

4. At the top, tap on a star.

How to search for starred messages

You can also easily find your starred messages in the app. Follow the steps listed below to find the starred messages. To find starred messages across your conversations, in the conversation history, select an option:

1. Click Search Starred Conversations

2. Click on More Options and then Starred.


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