How to take advantage of Ramadan to lose excess weight.. 4 tips that will help you


A few days and the month of Ramadan comes, and we start fasting, and people who are overweight must take advantage of the holy month to get rid of extra weight, by following some health and nutritional advice that helps them get a slim and tight body, and these tips are provided by the site “eatthis” And the”healthline“.

Get enough sleep:

Many medical studies have shown that sleeping for at least 8 hours lowers the percentage of body fat, and therefore we find that people who sleep for a few periods of time, i.e. less than 6 hours, increase the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, so you should take a healthy sleep.

More fiber intake:

Some people do not seek to eat fiber and eat a lot of sugar, and this is one of the reasons for weight gain, and the high level of sugar in the body then drops quickly, and this causes an increase in the desire to eat, but if you add dietary fiber to the daily regime, you feel full for long periods, And so you lose excess weight, and therefore you should eat a plate of green salad, and fruits rich in fiber.

Eating eggs:

Eggs contain a high percentage of protein, and make you feel full for long periods, and therefore increase the burning of fat in the body and get rid of excess weight, you can eat it at the Suhoor meal, to feel full during fasting hours.

Drinking more water:

You can have a glass of water before you eat meals, as it is a good trick to reduce the amount of food you eat, help you lose extra weight, and also increase your feeling of fullness for long periods.


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