If you buy a used iPhone, how do you make sure that it is not stolen?


Many users often resort to buying used iPhones, as they come at lower prices than the original prices of their new counterpart, but at the same time there are many problems that may be related to such a step, in addition to the possibility that the phone may be dilapidated as a result of misuse, it has It is also “stolen”, and below we show how you can verify that the phone you are going to buy is not stolen as follows:

Find out the IMEI number of the phone

IMEI or Serial Number is a unique address made up of a group of numbers and it is used by carriers in order to reveal all the information of the phone and whether there are some doubts about it.

So when buying a used phone, the IMEI number of the phone must be requested and verified in order to ensure that it is not stolen, as this number is written on the SIM tray or engraved on the back of the phone, as well as written on the phone case at the bottom.

It can also be accessed through Settings, then General, then About and at the bottom you will find the IMEI number, then copy it to check it via sites designed to detect stolen phones.

– Check the phone online

To obtain the IMEI number, the user must search with this number in the phone status checking sites that are widely available on the Internet, as these sites create a database of all smartphones according to their serial numbers, and in the event that a user enters these sites and registers his phone As a stolen phone, the site puts it in the “Blacklist” and therefore when searching for it by anyone else who knows that it is a stolen phone.


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