Ihab Galal: The Egyptian Cup holds surprises, and we faced Lavinia with all our might


Ehab Galal, coach of the Pyramids club, said that the victory that was achieved at the expense of La Vienna in the Egypt Cup with a clean goal is very important; Because he secured qualification for the next round, especially that the opposing team is strong and organized and presented a very good confrontation.

He explained that the Egypt Cup matches carry many surprises, and indeed the current version of the tournament witnessed surprises, and there was a fear of repeating the matter, and therefore Pyramids played with full force and seriousness in the confrontation, and succeeded in achieving victory and qualifying for the sixteenth round of the tournament, which is very important.

He pointed out that the team went through a period in which the pressure of confrontations in various tournaments locally and continental, and therefore there was a goal by the technical staff to involve more than one player, and modifications in the formation to get out of the pressure, which is what actually happened, and more than one player participated and reassured the technical staff on the players and their readiness in The next important stage.

The Pyramids team managed to defeat La Viena with a clean goal scored by Ahmed Sami in the 35th minute of the match that brought them together at the Air Defense Stadium, in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup, to qualify for the round of 16 of the tournament.

The Pyramids team controlled the match completely, and its players missed many of the achieved opportunities, but the Lavina defense and its goalkeeper succeeded in stopping the Pyramids attacks, before Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami took advantage of the Lavina goalkeeper’s mistake, and succeeded in scoring the first goal for his team.


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