Ilham Shaheen reveals the fact that the series “Baltoo’ Al-Rouh” was banned in Ramadan


Today, Thursday, the 31st of this March, the great star and artist Ilham Shaheen topped the trend of the most famous search engine around the world, “Google”, and it became the most searched during the past few hours and through social media and social media sites, after broadcasting many news about preventing the series from being shown. With the rise of the soul in the next month of Ramadan 2022.

Elham Shaheen reveals the ban on showing the series “Baltoo Al-Rouh”

The great artist, Ilham Shaheen, revealed the truth about what was reported about the “Baloo’ Al-Rouh” series leaving the Ramadan 2022 season, after the large amount of criticism that the series faced during its promo teaser, due to the appearance of Ilham Shaheen with the hijab while carrying a weapon, as some accused her of insulting Islam. .

And the artist, Ilham Shaheen, completely denied stopping the show in the next Ramadan, explaining that the series’ team decided to show it in the second half of Ramadan.

Elham explained that the reason for postponing the series for the second half of Ramadan is not to finish filming it, because the series is very difficult, and filming takes a very long time, and we make a great effort in it, given that it contains many action scenes, and that the series consists of 15 episodes, so it must That the series takes its time, and there is no rush in filming it, especially since the series discusses important issues.


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