In pictures – Mai Ezz El-Din is sad and reveals her suffering during Ramadan


The star Mai Ezz El-Din is keen to promote her new Ramadan series “Ghamm Island” through her pages on social networking sites, amid great interaction from the audience. She is dressed as a gypsy in a dramatic action based on myth and fantasy.

Mai shared her followers on “Instagram” in a picture in which she seemed sad, commenting on her, saying: “The same look of misery was on my face yesterday when I knew that Ramadan was a week and that we will be shooting even in Ramadan.

The stars and the public interacted extensively with the image and expressed their great longing for Mai due to her long absence from the art scene, wishing her success in this year’s Ramadan race.

The Egyptian star also published the promotional poster for the series, with a picture of her only wearing the dress of gypsy women, and wrote a comment: “The series “Ghamm Island”… Ramadan 2022.”

Mai embodies in the series the role of “Sundas the Gypsy”, who belongs to a gypsy family, goes through many situations and struggles, and falls in love with the artist Ahmed Amin, who participates in the series championship, and the events follow…

It is noteworthy that Mai Ezz El-Din’s latest work, the series “Khit Harir”, which she co-starred with: Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Nicolas Moawad, Sawsan Badr, Mai Selim and Hanadi Muhanna, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.


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