Including 6 Arab teams..7 matches that decide qualification for the World Cup


Football fans are waiting for a day full of decisive matches for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after a number of teams succeeded in booking their seats in the global event, and the competition is still ongoing in the continents of Oouba, Asia and South America.

Among the 20 teams that have qualified so far for the World Cup are Qatar, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Argentina, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Canada “.

5 cards in Africa

10 teams are competing in the decisive league for the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, with 5 teams advancing to the World Cup.

Ghana will visit Nigeria in the second leg of the decisive role, after the first leg in Ghana ended in a goalless draw between the two teams.

The Egyptian team defeated its Senegalese counterpart at Cairo Stadium with a goal without a response, and a draw is enough to qualify for the World Cup for the fourth time in its history and the second in a row.

Tunisia has a golden opportunity to qualify for the World Cup when it hosts its Malian counterpart, after winning away from home with a goal without a response.

Algerias position is also similar to Tunisia, after it snatched a valuable victory away from home against Cameroon, enough to draw or win any result to ensure qualification.

The Moroccan team will host its counterpart the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the Mohammed V complex, where the first leg had ended in a positive tie between the two teams.

Two cards in Europe

Sweden is a guest of Poland at the Slask International Stadium, to qualify for the European play-off, in conjunction with the Portugal match against North Macedonia, which had eliminated Italy.

South america
Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay have qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and Peru, Colombia, and Chile are competing to qualify to face one of the teams of Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Lebanon in the play-off match.

Possible Arabic card

The Saudi national team succeeded in securing its place among 4 Asian teams in qualifying for the World Cup, along with Japan, Iran and South Korea.

The Australian team is waiting for one of the Arab teams, the Emirates, Iraq and Lebanon, to face it in the play-off, with the winner facing the fifth South American continent after that.

It is scheduled to take place 3 confrontations at dawn on Wednesday, Chile against Uruguay, Venezuela against Colombia, and Peru will host Paraguay.

The odds of qualifying the UAE and Iraq for the playoffs

The possibilities of the UAE national team qualifying for the qualifying play-off for the 2022 World Cup, firstly, defeating South Korea without considering the outcome of the Iraq match, or a draw or loss against South Korea, provided that Iraq stumbled against Syria.

On the other hand, the chances of Iraq qualifying for the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs are a win against Syria, provided that the UAE stumbles against South Korea, at least with a draw.


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