Inflating Kefaya – “Butt” Nisreen Tafesh ignites the communication sites: sweeter than Sama Al-Masry


Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, published a new photo of her through the Al-Astory feature on her personal account on “Instagram”.

Nisreen Tafesh appeared in the photo with a sexy look.

The star, Nisreen Tafesh, said that she embodies the character “Rehab” during the events of the series “Al-Maddah”, which is expected to be shown in the Ramadan drama season for the current year, noting that the character is a rural girl, and her father is financially able and well-off, and although she was educated in the city, she is proud of her belonging to her rural environment.

Nisreen Tafesh added that between her and Saber Al-Maddah (Hamada Hilal) a complex love story arises, and from here the events of the series begin, noting that she embodies a complex and not easy character, and the audience will always feel surprises while watching.

And “Nisreen” continued that she appears in the series with the veil during a number of episodes, not all, pointing out that it was the director Ahmed Samir Farag who chose this “look” for her in cooperation with the stylist Mai Al-Bayadi, stressing that she did not interfere with the character of the series, and that the series makers They have more knowledge of the culture of this environment to which her character on the show belongs.

The events of the series revolve within a social framework, as it discusses many social issues that the audience prefers to watch during the Ramadan race.


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