Instagram is testing a new integrated feed to get rid of the top Stories bar


Instagram is testing a new integrated feed that will do away with the top Stories bar, and present everything in a full-screen, scrollable user interface.

According to the example published by application researcher Alessando Paluzzi, the beta feed includes Regular Posts, Stories and Reels, as reported by Al Arabiya Net.

Stories are presented with a frame bar at the bottom of the screen, indicating that you can swipe left to see other frames, while videos have a progress bar instead.

This method is in line with usage trends. The update also makes it possible to improve the algorithm based on your response to each specific post, rather than the current format that displays things in different ways, often showing more than one post across the screen at once.

And since all of your TikTok clips are shown one by one, in full screen mode, everything you do while watching this post can be used as a yardstick for your response to that specific content.

Each video response gives TikTok the ability to identify specific elements of interest in each clip, which can then be aligned with your account to improve your recommendations.

Reels are also presented in the same way. But Instagram has not yet been able to make use of the algorithm as effectively as Tik Tok.

And this new presentation style could help change that, and be a huge step forward in moving in line with the broader TikTok trend.

Reels is the biggest contributor to the growth of engagement on Instagram. Users also spend more time with Stories than they do with their feed. As a result, this change is logical.


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