Is Egypt affected by the sanctions? The Russian ambassador to Cairo answers


Borisenko said in a press statement, that the timetable for the construction of El Dabaa Station Nuclear energy carried out by the Russian company “Rosatom” in Egypt “It has not changed and is strictly adhered to,” though Western sanctions against Moscow.

“We proceed from the fact that despite any Western sanctions, the construction of the nuclear power plant, which is a very important facility for Egypt, will continue and be completed on time,” he added.

Borisenko pointed out that Egypt is an important partner for Russia, as “the two countries are linked by ancient traditions, friendship and close economic cooperation.”

On the other hand, the Russian ambassador stressed that there is no significant impact of Western sanctions on Moscow on the Russian industrial zone project in the economic zone. for the Suez Canal.

He stated that “the construction of Russian production facilities in Egypt will be beneficial to both sides, including helping to provide additional job opportunities for Egypt, and the establishment of new production facilities.”

Borisenko welcomed “Egyptian companies’ entry into the Russian market,” noting “their ability to replace Western companies that left Russia. We are optimistic about the continuation of cooperation between Russia and Egypt in the economic field.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “We believe that Western sanctions against Russia give opportunities to our Egyptian partners, in order to fill vacant fields in the Russian market“.

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