Israel reveals the identity of the Tel Aviv attacker and the nationalities of two victims


Late Tuesday, the police killed Diaa Hamrasha, 27, from the village of Yabad in the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank. He was a former prisoner who spent 4 years in prison. Israeli prisons.

Israeli media reported that the army raided the man’s house at dawn on Wednesday and arrested a number of his relatives as part of its investigation into the attack.

According to the police statement, the two dead were “foreigners from Ukraine One of them is 23 years old, and the second is 32 years old.

The police said that The two dead Ukrainians link Israel Earlier, they were not among the war refugees that Israel received.

Israel has received about 20,000 Ukrainians since the beginning of the war Russian invasion On the 24th of last February.

In addition to the Ukrainians, the dead included Israeli civilians and an Arab policeman from Nof Hagalil.

Tuesday’s attack is the third attack in Israel in a week, bringing the total number of dead as a result of these attacks to 11 people.

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