Italian reports: Egypt has a new chance to qualify for the World Cup if Iran is excluded


Press reports revealed the possibility of FIFA excluding the Iranian national team from the finals World Cup 2022 Which opens new doors for the teams that failed to qualify for the World Cup to play instead of the Iranian team if it is excluded after Italy, Colombia, Algeria and Egypt failed to reserve the Qatar card.

The Italian “Sky Sport” network said that the possibility of excluding Iran from the next World Cup due to the ban on women entering the stadium, as Iran fell into a crisis with FIFA after it closed the stadium to 2,000 women during the World Cup qualifiers match against Lebanon, despite them buying tickets for the match, and warned FIFA earlier in 2019 banned any team that prevents women from entering the stands.

The network indicated that perhaps it would be to exclude Iran in order to pressure FIFA to summon the Italian national team, which lost against Macedonia in the play-off and was not present in the World Cup.

The International Football Association has the right, according to FIFA regulations, to exclude any team for any reason and to call up a replacement team that it deems appropriate according to the opinion of the Executive Office.

The network added that FIFA will resort to 3 options, the first of which is the rise of an Asian team behind Iran in the qualifying group for the World Cup to ensure the proportion of Asian representation in the World Cup, or the International Federation may consider calling Italy as the best team in terms of FIFA world rankings.

The network indicated that FIFA may resort to another solution that revives the hopes of teams such as Egypt, if a combined tournament is held that includes the best-ranked team from each continent, and its champion ascends to the finals.


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