Jamal Allam: We are waiting for a response to discipline in FIFA and CAF.. We have not decided the fate of Queiroz


Gamal Allam, head of the Football Association, confirmed that the Gabaliya board of directors filed a complaint against the Senegalese Federation, after what happened in the match between Egypt and Senegal yesterday in the second leg of the final stage of the World Cup qualifiers..

Gamal Allam said in televised statements: “Hani Abu Rida, Hassan Mustafa and the Egyptian officials in the African and International Federations must intervene to support the Egyptian team,” explaining that he has not contacted them yet..

And he continued: “I am on my way to Qatar to attend the FIFA Congress on Thursday afternoon. We asked to meet FIFA President Gianni Infantino as well as Patrice Motsepe, President of the Confederation of African Football. The entire file of the complaint will be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee of the two federations.”

Regarding Queiroz’s fate, Allam said: “We did not talk or discuss in the board of directors Queiroz’s fate. When we meet, we will take the decision by a majority and announce it, and we meet with Queiroz after my return from the FIFA Congress in Qatar. He is a respected coach. There is no direction for something specific at the moment.”

Allam explained: “If it is decided to replay the Senegal match, there will be no room to talk about Queiroz’s position until the match ends, and we will resolve his position if the match is not repeated.”

He continued: “We will present what happened to the disciplinary committee in the Federation and await a response. There are many things that happened with us in the match. Our players were attacked and all of this is written in our complaint.”

He added, “We asked for a replay of the match because the match was held in a strange atmosphere, and if we had lost in normal circumstances, we would have congratulated Senegal and it was over.”

And he continued, “We were exposed to many bad situations before the meeting, and we asked them to move from the hotel at 2:30, because the distance between the hotel and the stadium is 34 km. It can take an hour, but a quarter of an hour. We arrived at 4 at the stadium, and it took us an hour and a half. The bus did not enter directly into the stadium and was sitting around a lot.”

He added: “Mohamed Salah had the most share of the Senegalese fans’ attack on him, which tried to intimidate the players as well, and we asked that the board of directors be on the bench of the match under what happened here, but they refused.”

He continued: “The fans were supposed to be present on one side of the two sides, behind a goal from both sides, but they insisted on placing the Egyptian fans among the Senegalese fans, and this is contrary.”

Gamal Allam concluded his statements: “There was insult in the amplifier inside the stadium, it was not a motivator for the fans, but there were abuses and insults, as there was interference with the republican peace of the Egyptian team, and this is forbidden and prohibited.”


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