Khaled Galal: The laser affected the team in the penalty shootout


Khaled Galal, coach of Al-Ahly Bank, believes that the Egyptian team lived the same scenario against the Senegalese team in the final of the African Nations and the second leg of the World Cup deciding match.

And Khaled Jalal continued, in television statements to the evening program on Time on Ontime Sports: “Rami Rabias participation in the formation of the Egyptian national team against Senegal is a question mark from Queiroz, and the early goal confused the team’s accounts in the land of Senegal.”

Galal defended the Egyptian national team, saying: “We faced the strongest team in Africa. Losing on penalty kicks is not a bad thing, but in the end it decided the qualification for the World Cup.”

Regarding the laser phenomenon that affected the Egyptian team in the Senegal match, Jalal stressed: “The laser affected the team in the penalty shootout. The laser throughout the match affects the goalkeeper, and in the penalty shootout, the player most affected by these rays is the goalkeeper.”


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