Lamis Al-Hadidi announces the victory of a farmer’s application and presents a check for one million pounds from United Media Services


Media announced Lamis Al Hadidi On the victory of a farmer’s application in the final episode of the Forsa program, broadcast on the channel onAnd Lamis Al-Hadidi handed over a check farms application for one million pounds, provided by the United Media Services Company and ON Channel Group.

The media congratulated Lamees Al-Hadidi, the farmer’s application, the winner of the “Forsa” program, follow-up: We are not the ones who offer the opportunity, all the youth of Egypt are the ones who offer us the opportunity.

The head of an insurance company announced that a special discount would be offered to tonight’s chance contestants on auto and medical insurance policies, and the head of the Misr Insurance Holding Company announced the provision of a reel pension document to all chance contestants and the payment of the first installment.

Three companies rose to the third round of the finals of the opportunity, namely: “Farms” company, which provides technological solutions to the farmer and provides him with support from the stage of choosing the type of crop until harvesting and marketing it, and “Colibri” company, which was founded by a group of scientists to develop medical supplies, the first of which is a medical sponge, which is the most capable On absorbing blood in the world, and participated in the vote, jury member Yahya Ismail

Thunder is the first Egyptian electronic application that allows individuals to invest in the stock market and investment funds with small amounts and without commissions.

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