Lindsay Lohan celebrates her engagement in Kuwait with the Arab who stole her heart


Lindsay Lohan’s name has topped the famous Google search engine again after circulating photos of her celebration of her engagement to an Arab person.

Lindsay Lohan published the first pictures on her Instagram account, celebrating her engagement to the Arab youth, Badr Al-Shamas, about 4 months after he asked for her hand in marriage..

Lohan showed the place of the celebration, which came to Kuwait, with a cake decorated with a wedding ring on which was written: “He asked for her hand, and she said yes”, with the addition of the actual date of their engagement 11/11/2021..

Last November, Lindsay Lohan announced the news of her engagement to a young man named Badr the Deacon, and Lindsay published a photo with her fiance wearing a diamond ring.

Lindsay Lohan’s engagement to Badr Al-Shamas is her second after her separation from Russian millionaire Igor Tarabasov in 2016..

Bader Al-Shamas works as an assistant vice president at a company in Dubai, an international wealth management company.

And about his nationality, it is not known specifically whether the deacon is Kuwaiti or Emirati, as he keeps his life out of the limelight, even if he symbolizes through his account on Instagram with the initials of the State of Kuwait..

Deacon studied mechanical engineering in the United States, and also received a bachelor’s degree in finance from John H. Sykes College of Business in Florida, affiliated with the University of Tampa.

Currently, Al-Shamas works as an assistant vice president in a Swiss banking company, according to his account on “LinkedIn”, a leading financial services company that advises clients in all aspects of financing, according to the company’s official website, and he had worked in a company BNP Aribas Wealth Management.

Badr is loved by Lindsay Lohan’s family, her mother described him as a “wonderful man”, and her brother Dakota Lohan described him as his “best friend”.

Lindsay Lohan, as an American actress and pop singer, became famous since her childhood through the work of the Walt Disney Company and major production companies in Hollywood, before being absent from cinema screens and television programs for a few years..

During her absence, Lohan experienced many problems in her personal life.

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