Mark “X” .. America allows the issuance of passports without specifying gender, starting from April 11


The White House announced that citizens can choose “X” as their gender in their passport applications starting April 11 as part of the launch of new policies to coincide with Transgender Day, Russia Today reported.

According to the “Axios” website, this development is a milestone for Americans who identify themselves as non-binary and non-conforming to sex, and the White House has described this decision as a “major step” in President Joe Biden’s efforts to obtain these individuals accurate identification documents.

The Department of Homeland Security announced a series of measures to improve the travel experience for transgender people, including updating the Transportation Security Administration’s advanced imaging technology to “increase safety and efficiency by reducing rates of false alarms and hand searches.”

The White House said the update would replace “the current gender-based system with this more accurate technology,” after transgender people had to undergo additional screening due to alerts in sensitive areas.

TSA will update its procedures to remove gender considerations when validating a passenger’s identity at airport security checkpoints. Enrollment in CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs will also allow people to select “X” gender marks.

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