Meryem Uzerli appears with Basil El Zaro again… Has their relationship returned? | news


Time magazine’s gala ceremony, which was held at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, to honor a number of personalities in various fields with impact awards, marked the first appearance of Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli and actor Basil Al Zaro together after a period of rumors of a love affair and their separation.

The story dates back to 2018, during this period, Basil Al-Zarro and Maryam Uzerli met a lot, and published their photos together, which made the rumor of a relationship between them spread strongly, but then Maryam deleted all of Basil’s photos and canceled his follow-up, which some interpreted as having separated.

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Their appearance together sparked controversy, but Basil Al-Zaro and Maryam Uzerli finally decided to respond to all the rumors that spread and Maryam said: I think you saw private photos in the past, to complete the sentence, Basil Al Zaro: We have always been friends and now we meet in the same country again.

And Basil Al-Zaro added during an interview with The Insider in Arabic: I fully support Maryam in life, throughout our lives.

While Maryam expressed her happiness with her attendance at the celebration and her presence in Dubai, stressing that it is a great honor for her.

Maryam concluded by speaking in Arabic and said: I know some Arabic words, my name is Maryam.

It is reported that Meryem Uzerli gave birth to her daughter “Li Li” in January 2021, and she is her second daughter after her first daughter, “Lara”, who is now 8 years old.


Meryem Uzerli had revealed that the father of her second child is an American.


Maryam responded to the criticism of her second pregnancy without marriage, and said that no one has the right to judge anyone, indicating that she is grateful for everything she has experienced and that she does not care about what is being said now.


It is noteworthy that Maryam Uzerli has been absent from the screens for a long time, and the last work shown to her in the Arab world was the series “Queen of the Night” and co-starred with the Turkish actor Murat Yildirim.

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