Microsoft Build 2022 event launches online only on May 24


Since the beginning of the outbreak COVID-19 In March 2020, the annual construction conference of . was held Microsoft For developers, engineers and online IT professionals, according to a report engaged.

But after two years of lockdown and nearly 15 months since the launch of effective vaccines, . will be hosted by Build 2022 Back online May 24-26.

While the conference is largely geared towards professionals, a lot of consumer-facing technologies have emerged from the events of previous years, from developments to Microsoft Teams To the ‘next generation’ of Windows.

This year, attendees will experience market-specific content and communication opportunities for France, Germany, Japan, Latin America and the United Kingdom in regional spotlights, according to the conference launch site, in addition to the standard list of keywords, workshops and networking opportunities.

Registration for the conference opens in late April and will be free, and you can check the event agenda on the homepage Build 2022 .


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