Mido: The Football Association has made its final decision regarding Queiroz’s fate with the Egyptian national team


confirmed Ahmed Hossam Mido The former Egyptian national team striker and current sports program presenter, said that the Board of Directors of the Football Association settled on its decision regarding the fate of Carlos Queiroz, the current coach of the Pharaohs, and also criticized the fans’ dealing with the national team’s star, Mohamed Salah, after exiting the World Cup qualifiers.

Mido said in televised statements to the “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, via the “Remontada” program: “The feeling of lack of appreciation is the most difficult thing that Mohamed Salah is exposed to by some fans after losing the dream of qualifying for the World Cup.”

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He added, “Salah did a lot for Egyptian football, and we should not talk in this way about him after the Senegal match.”

And he added: “Mohamed Salah can give with the national team for the next 8 years, and his retirement from the international community will be the biggest loss for the team. Salah is a hero by all accounts. He went to Europe and reached the ranks of international stars.”

He continued, “I went through the same experience and felt the bitterness of lack of appreciation after everyone held me responsible for the team’s loss and its early exit in the 2004 African Nations Cup, and I was 21 years old.”

And he continued: “There is a decision that was taken by 99% by the Football Association after the dream of qualifying for the World Cup was lost. The Federation decided to renew Queiroz’s contract for 4 years, and it will be announced in the coming period to lead the team in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and some of his assistants, including one of his assistants, will leave. with the technical staff.

He continued: “I completely reject Queiroz’s remaining in his position as coach of the national team despite his history, experience and training capabilities, but he is a coach who does not give the opportunity to some distinguished players, how Imam Ashour and Ahmed Sayed Zizou do not play mainly and why Tariq Hamed and Ahmed Refaat do not join the team.”

He concluded: “Egypt You have distinguished coaches who can lead the team, Hossam Hassan, Ihab Galal and Ali Maher would have managed the match against Senegal better than Queiroz.”


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