Miss Ukraine to “Sky News Arabia”: She became homeless


“Since the twenty-fourth of February, the most difficult moments have begun for Ukraine, which is fighting a real war until now,” Panova said.

She indicated that only two days before the outbreak of the war, she was on a visit to Turkey To buy clothes in the midst of her preparation to participate in the Miss World competition for tourism and the environment that Egypt recently hosted, and when it was time for her to leave Istanbul for Kyiv, the war broke out, and the flight she had previously booked was canceled.

She added, “At that time my mum would call me almost every hour to tell me that they heard the siren and they had to go to the shelter. My dad is in the last stage of cancer and it is difficult for him to walk. We were as safe there as in the shelter.”

She indicated Miss Ukraine She pointed out that a Russian missile nearly killed her sister at the beginning of this month, adding: “My sister was at the train station with her two-year-old child, when she saw a missile explode 200 meters away from her. Everyone inside the station, about 5,000 people, sat on the ground and they They panicked, while my sister covered her child with her body while she was cuddling him, and she prayed to God to stop the war immediately and not to continue this difficult situation.”

Panova explained that the war “destroyed the normal life of Ukrainians, and prompted many to leave their homeland, displaced persons and refugees in a number of European neighboring countries. Despite their great love for their country, they were unable to survive amid falling missiles and bullets that killed innocent people.”

Since the start of the war, nearly 4 million people have fled Ukraine, according to the latest estimate by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Data from the commission shows that since the start of the Russian military operation, millions of Ukrainians have moved to neighboring countries, notably Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia.

diaspora and parting

The escalation of military operations caused the Panova family to be scattered, while Miss Ukraine participated in the competition organized by her Cairo In mid-March, she returned to Turkey again, where she resides with her aunt, while her parents fled to the Czech Republic.

“The house we were living in was targeted, and our money and possessions are in it. We won’t go back to Ukraine until this war stops. My family is better off now with a shelter in the Czech Republic, they have food, a tent and some heavy clothes. They live for free after they get a one-year visa,” Bufona said. , and they have free medical insurance, but for me there is a great danger that I will return to Kyiv. The conditions are very difficult and we cannot return to the lives we lived before.”

She expressed her pride in the courage shown by the Ukrainian people, saying: “I feel proud of my country and the Ukrainians. You must work together to prevent the Russians from taking over our cities. Prove to the world the need for Russian forces to leave us.”

Miss Ukraine thanked the countries that provided aid to the Ukrainian people, saying: “Thank you to all countries and to all who express words of support, and who send humanitarian assistance And they donate and give shelter to my people in Europe. With your support, we feel even stronger.”

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