Morocco.. Fuel prices break records


After the news of the increase spread, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, gas stations became crowded with citizens, with the aim of saving some dirhams, before the numbers on the price boards changed.

During a night tour of the stations of the capital, Rabat, “Sky News Arabia” witnessed an unprecedented rise in the price of diesel, which exceeded 14 dirhams, approaching a few centimeters from the price of diesel. benzene.

Actors suggested that these prices will continue to rise to exceed the ceiling of 15 dirhams, in the coming days, in the event that the government does not intervene by announcing concrete measures that protect purchasing power and curb the alarming rise in the price fuel.

The need for government intervention

Bouazza El-Kharti, president of the Moroccan University for Consumer Rights, says, “The rise in fuel prices in Morocco, West, sunset It assumes an urgent government intervention, in order to support the purchasing power of citizens.” In this context, the spokesman stated that “European countries, such as France, have begun to provide an energy subsidy to citizens amounting to 100 euros.”

Al-Kharti, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, sounded the alarm about this rise, stressing that the government has not yet taken any measure to support the consumer directly, adding that the support it launched for the benefit of transport professionals is not clear, and has sparked controversy within the sector.

The association actor emphasized that among the proposals made by the Moroccan University of Consumer Rights was “reducing the value-added tax by fifty percent, reversing the increases included in the 2022 budget, and implementing the Law on Freedom of Prices and Competition by setting the prices of some materials for a period of six months.”

Finding innovative solutions

In his comment on the subject, the economist, Rashid Sari, suggested the possibility of the government resorting to dispensing with taxes imposed on fuel in Morocco, or at least mitigate them.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, he said that the government should reduce its taxes on petroleumEspecially after the price of gasoline reached nearly 15 dirhams per liter.

For his part, political analyst Khaled Fathi stressed that “Morocco was greatly affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, because it imports 92 percent of its energy and 50 percent of its grain needs. This will cost the state a lot in order to control balances, which will lead to high inflation.”

Fathi continued, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, saying: “The Moroccans must adapt to the new situation, and try to focus on priorities, especially since we are coming out of the Corona crisis and we are suffering a year. drought“.

The spokesman explained that the government “must turn this crisis into an opportunity, because there are beneficiaries of the war, and Rabat has great cards in its hands. For example, Morocco can obtain energy materials at preferential prices from its brothers, especially from the Gulf countries, and it can also To benefit from the high price phosphate“.

The expert added, “This stage is globally accurate, and all countries are being tested and their programs are put to the test. Therefore, we are obligated to be creative and innovative, and to propose solutions from outside the box.”

Station owners complain

In turn, the National University of Owners, Merchants and Managers of gas stations in Morocco warned, on Monday, of the situation in which gas stations are living due to the high costs, as a result of high prices.

The university said, in a statement, that “following the sharp rise in the price of fuels in Morocco and the resulting difficult costs and negative effects on all productive and service sectors, petrol stations in Morocco were damaged, like the consumer, as a result of the high cost of the price of fuel, and that Due to the high cost of acquiring this material by more than a third, which forced many stations to resort to borrowing in order to face the high costs of operating the station.”

Government support for professionals

In the face of the repeated rises in oil prices, the government, last week, officially launched the process of providing exceptional support allocated to road transport professionals, as different professional categories will benefit from it, and it will be allocated to about 180,000 vehicles, according to a statement by the Presidency of the Government.

The statement indicated that the government aims, by providing this support, to support transport professionals, by mitigating the effects of the highfuel prices internal market due to the continuous rise in international prices.

According to the same source, the beneficiaries of the support are professionals in the public transport of passengers, tourist transport, transporting goods and transporting users.

It should be noted that the prices oil In global markets, they have fallen over the past two days, with progress in talks between Russia and Ukraine to end the weeks-long conflict.

Oil futures contracts were also affected by new closures in China to curb the spread of the virus Corona It raised concerns that fuel demand could be hit.

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