Mortada Mansour praises Cuban Youssefani after paying 6 thousand francs from his pocket to participate with Zamalek


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, praised the position of Cuban Yousfani Hernandez, a professional in the first volleyball team, after his decisive intervention to obtain his international card from the International Federation, just two hours before the Al-Ahly match in the league.

And the president of Zamalek said, during a video broadcast on the club’s official website, that the player transferred 6,000 Swiss francs from his personal account to obtain, as soon as possible, the international card to participate in the match.

Mortada Mansour confirmed that the player, although 6 days had not passed since his presence within the walls of the White Castle, he gave a strong message to everyone of his keenness to solve the crisis once and for all.

Mortada Mansour explained that the player is a role model for all athletes in all games, stressing his happiness with his position, which expresses an honorable image for all players.


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