Mortada Mansour reveals the details of “six loans” in Zamalek


Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, spoke about the position of the white team players loaned to other clubs in the Premier League, noting: “Mohamed Sobhi, Farco loaned 5 million, intending to sell 20 million and 20% resale rate, and whoever made this contract is corrupt.

He said during the press conference currently being held at the Zamalek Club: “Mahmoud Jensh is loaned to Future for a million pounds. The one who sticks his tongue out when he stops, remains with a million, but he renewed his schedule for two seasons. He concluded 2020/2021, vacated his contract for 5 million and took 5 million, and the loan came out and the money was returned, and there is a clause in Jensh’s contract is that he is terminating his contract with Zamalek for only 2 million pounds.”

With regard to Muhammad Abd al-Salam, he confirmed: “Muhammad Abd al-Salam was loaned with one million and 750 thousand pounds. If they bought him, he would keep 5 million. Abd al-Salam would have taken one million and 600 thousand pounds, and when he renewed a year, he left 6 million pounds a year.”

He continued: “Marwan Hamdi loaned Smouha with 3 million and renewed an additional season, and Osama Faisal loaned 4 million and he took a million and raised it to 4 million, continuing: “I will not talk about Omar Kamal, O Committee of Shame.”


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