Mushira Ismail reveals what Nour Al Sharif did to her behind the scenes, and for this reason she refused to work with him at all


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The artist, Moushira Ismail, is one of the few who worked with the biggest stars in Egypt, such as Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, his sisters, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mervat Amin, and Nour El Sherif.

She began her artistic work through children’s programs on the radio, and was known for her hobby of dancing and showing. are presented to her.

The surprise was that she rejected the series “Matkhafoush” among the works that were offered to her, and it was starring “Nour El-Sharif.”

She said that she refused it immediately and told him that she would not accept to work with him unless her name was immediately after him, but that is done.

“Moshira” confirmed that the closest roles to her heart throughout her artistic career are her role in the series “Tears in Rude Eyes” with “Adel Imam”, and that she is very happy when she finds satellite channels broadcasting it so far without a national occasion, which confirms the importance of the work itself and its dramatic value.

At the same time, Moshira rejected the series, which extend to a large number of episodes, such as 30 and 34 episodes, and said that this is more boring and prolonging, which provides more entertainment for the viewer, so the drama will not return to its prestige unless the series returns to the sevens and episodes that do not exceed 15 episodes .

And very tenderly, she announced that she felt unfair in her life when the play “The Children Grow Up” was filmed without her, after she had been her hero for many years because of her travel to Dubai at this time, and the objection of censorship in Saudi Arabia to some scenes, which necessitated re-shooting without her.

She denied that she is far from art because she has participated in several works during the past years, but she believes that art is a message and that she will not participate in any work that violates the message and its true goals, as she was taught by the senior makers of the profession.

She said that she misses “Yahya Alami”, the great director, as well as “Hussein Kamal”, and that her daughter, “Mushera Ali Al-Hajjar” is all her life now and wishes her success.

The “Good Morning Egypt” program, editor-in-chief “Mohamed Abu Zaid” and the producer of the technical paragraph “Sharifa Shehata”, presented by “Tamer Samir” and “Reem Adel Anwar” and directed by “Ahmed Ghoneim”.


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