NATO questions the Russian withdrawal and expects “serious attacks”


And he said Stoltenberg During a press conference in Brussels: “According to our intelligence, the Russian units are not in the process of withdrawing, but rather repositioning. And they are trying Russia Regroup, strengthen its attack in the area Donbass“, southeast Ukraine, according to “AFP”.

At the same time, Russia continues to put pressure on Kyiv and other cities. So, we can expect additional attacks that will cause even greater suffering.”

NATO’s assessment contrasts with the announcement by Russian negotiators after talks in Turkey This week announced a “radical reduction” of Moscow’s military activity in northern Ukraine, including in the vicinity of the capital, Kyiv.

“We have heard recent statements that Russia will reduce military operations around Kyiv and in northern Ukraine. But Russia has repeatedly lied about its intentions. So we can only judge Russia by its actions, not its words,” the NATO Secretary-General continued.

“It is clear that we saw little will on the Russian side to find a political solution,” he added.

Stoltenberg said: “We see continuous bombing of cities and we see that Russia is repositioning some forces, and moving some of them, to reinforce its efforts, most likely in the Donbass region.”

He continued: “There is a close relationship between what is happening on the field and what is happening around the negotiating table, and they allow us to provide Ukraine with support in order to strengthen their position at the negotiating table.”

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