New US sanctions against Russia… and Moscow targeting European leaders


The US Treasury said it was targeting “21 entities and 13 individuals in its campaign to circumvent sanctions (imposed) on Kremlin and technology companies that play a critical role in the Russian war machine.”

“The joint-stock company Micron is the largest Russian producer and exporter of microelectronics,” the ministry added, stressing that the company is responsible for exporting more than 50 percent of Russian microelectronics.

The Treasury Department clarified that among those subject to the sanctions are the “AON-i-i-Vector” company, which specializes in communications and software and technology, and “T-platforms”, which operates in the computing equipment sector, in addition to the Molecular Electronics Research Institute (Miri), which carries out work for the Russian government.

As a result of these sanctions, all US assets of the targeted individuals and companies have been frozen.

Sanctions also target OOO Cernia Engineering, which is headquartered MoscowThe Treasury Department said it was “at the center of a supply network engaged in nuclear proliferation activities under the direction of Russian intelligence services.”

The sanctions named a group of people allegedly working for “Sernia”, including Sergei Alexandrovich Yershov and Vyacheslav Yuryevich Dobrovinsky.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated, “Russia not only continues to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine With its unjustified aggression, it has also escalated its attacks on civilians and population centers.”

“We will continue to target (Vladimir) Putin’s war machine with sanctions from all sides,” she added.

Russian sanctions on Europe

On Thursday, Russia announced that it was banning European leaders and most European parliamentarians from entering its territory in response to the sanctions that targeted it because of its operation in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, that “the restrictions include the largest leaders of the European Union, including a number of European commissioners, heads of European military bodies and journalists, in addition to a large majority of deputies.” European Parliament who promote anti-Russian policies.

The ministry added that this measure also applies to political officials from European Union member states, as well as public figures and journalists who “supported illegal sanctions against Russia, incited anti-Russian relations or violated the rights and freedoms of Russian-speaking groups.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not publish the list of targeted people, but said that it had informed the European Representation in Moscow of this measure.

And the ministry continued: “We reiterate that any hostile act on the part of European Union and its member states will inevitably lead to a firm response.”

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