News of the medias retirement from Lamis Al Hadidi after her separation triggers a sad shock among the audience! Shocking details of what happened!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Why did Lamis El Hadidy separate from Amr Adib?!  Why did you turn off the screen?!  In this way, the rumor of divorce continued to chase the great Egyptian media, Lamis El Hadidy, and her great media husband, Amr Adib, owner of the story program on MBC Egypt, this time going beyond just divorce.

The rumor, which saddened the audience and made them cry, speaks of the fact that the divorce that hit the foundations of the marital home was followed by the retirement of the veteran media figure who has daily views on Egyptian TV screens, which until this moment remains just a fictional and popular process.

Circulation on social media in this regard came after a strange tweet by Al-Hadidi, in which she said: “My people will remind me if their grandfather finds and in the dark night .. he misses the full moon,” but it certainly does not cause a fuss of this magnitude.

As for the media and journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi, she was born in Cairo in 1969. Her father is a university professor and Dean of the Faculty of Girls, Ain Shams University Ali Al-Hadidi, and her mother is Laila Al-Behairy.

She is married to the journalist Amr Adib, and she has one son, Noureddine. Lamis Al-Hadidi graduated from the Faculty of Politics and Economics at the American University in Cairo and went on to work as a journalist. She also obtained a master’s degree in television journalism.

Lamis Al-Hadidi started her career in the newspaper Al-Alam Al-Youm, which deals with economic affairs, then moved to media work by preparing and presenting several programs on Egyptian channels, including “I speak”, “Mana and Forbidden”, “The Hardest Choice” program, “Min Qalb Masr” program. and the “Fish and Simulation” program.


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