officially| YouTuber Ahmed Hassan separated from his wife Zainab after being accused of harassment


YouTuber Ahmed Hassan announced his official separation from his wife, “Zainab”, against the backdrop of punishing “Hassan” by paying a sum of 20,000 pounds for harassing a girl through electronic conversations.

And the YouTuber wrote, in a post on his personal account on the social networking platform “Facebook”, “God’s destiny and what he wanted to do after 4 years of marriage, they were the happiest 4 years of our lives, and our Lord blessed us with two children like the moon, we decided to separate officially and quietly and without any disputes.” “.

He added, “We will always and forever remain friends, and Zainab will remain the mother of my children and my friend to whom I have the utmost respect, and I pray to God to grant her success in what is to come in her life.”

It is reported that the Economic Misdemeanors Court had decided last Sunday to fine YouTuber Ahmed Hassan a fine of 20 thousand pounds, for it was proven that he was accused of harassing a girl through a conversation with the “WhatsApp” application.

“Hassan” had announced his need for a girl to present the title role for a short film, so one of the girls came forward and then harassed her by talking to her, and asked her to send her own pictures.

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