Panic, action and explosions.. Watch the first teaser promo of the Ramez Jalal program


Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, published the first teaser promo of the famous pranks program by artist Ramiz Jalal, on his page on the social networking platform “Facebook”.

Turki wrote, commenting on the promo: “In the heart of Riyadh, our beloved capital..and in the blessed month of Ramadan..for the second year in a row..on mbc..wait for Ramez Movie Star sponsored by the Entertainment Authority.”

As usual, panic and terror dominated the guests of Ramez Jalal in his new program, and the teaser promo showed many action moves and explosions. Then, “Ramez” blew up a surprise at the end of the promo, which is the participation of international star Jean-Claude Van Damme for him in his program, which Ramez used to lure his victims.

Ramez Jalal’s programs are one of the most important Ramadan programs, in which he recently relied on a famous person to attract guests to the place of the prank, then suddenly Ramez appears in disguise and begins to deal with the guest by placing some obstacles and obstacles that would intimidate the guest in a comic framework, then Ramez appears at the end of the prank.

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