Parental conflict threatens children’s mental health


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Experts confirmed that life partners’ disagreements affect their children, and that the aggravation of the argument may harm their mental and psychological health to a great extent.
They said that a child who is constantly witnessing parental conflicts is prone to anxiety, depression and discomfort, even while dealing with his problems and relationships in the future, so it is important for parents to understand how to deal with their differences in a mature way to ensure that the children are not affected.
As a child looks to their parents for advice, guidance and support, they are likely to become confused if their parents reveal an unpleasant side of themselves.
Studies have shown that quarrels affect children in the most negative ways. Parents who are indulged in exchanging toxic sentences, insults and accusations of each other give children a false impression of what relationships between spouses are, leading to emotional damage.
And the Indian “Times of India” magazine reported that researchers found that children, even under the age of 6 months, can be negatively affected by their parents’ violent quarrels, but if they are over the age of 19, those disagreements make them decide how to deal with the opposite sex and affect how they interact with the opposite sex. The growth of young people and how to deal with their problems.
It is the duty of a parent to give his little one a healthy rather than a troubled childhood, so there are some things he can do to minimize the damage to the child’s mind.
Maintain privacy while discussing a disagreement or quarrel, and avoid involving children.
Be polite during a fight, so the kids know that yelling is not the right way to solve problems.
Communicate productively, which means not talking at the same time, but taking turns.
Focus on finding a solution rather than on the error.
In the midst of all the chaos caused by a fight, don’t neglect your children, and be sure to tell them that they are not the cause of the problem.


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