Paying for Russian gas in rubles should not affect contracts with Europeans


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Pay for Russian gas In rubles should not affect contracts with Europeans.

Putin briefed the German chancellor in a telephone conversation today, Wednesday, about the essence of the decision to switch to payment in Russian rubles for gas, noting that the changes in the procedures for payments for gas took place due to the freezing of the monetary reserves of the Russian Central Bank by the member states of the European Union.

“Vladimir Putin briefed the German chancellor on the essence of the decision to switch to payments for gas supplied to Germany, among other countries, in Russian rubles. The change in the payment procedure was made due to the fact that EU member states froze the foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank,” the Kremlin said. Russia, in violation of international law.

The Kremlin announced that it was studying the proposal of the Chairman of the State Duma to pay imports in exchange for the Russian ruble.

Today, Wednesday, the Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, suggested that Russia sell oil, grain, minerals, fertilizers, coal and timber in the local currency (rubles) in world markets, noting that this would be profitable for Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered that the price of natural gas exported to Europe or the United States be collected in rubles.

He said that the dollar has become an “unsecured” currency, and that Russia will not use the currencies of “unfriendly” countries in gas payments, against the backdrop of sanctions imposed on his country due to its ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

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