Queiroz: Egypt must start from now on preparing for the 2026 World Cup


The Portuguese national team coach, Carlos Queiroz, said that Egypt must prepare from now on for the upcoming World Cup 2026, after losing the dream of the World Cup in Qatar.

Queiroz added during the match’s press conference: “Everything is over and I have nothing to say except some beautiful words for the players. I congratulate them on the match they played, as well as the Senegal players on the big match.” “We must not forget that Senegal will represent Africa and I hope it will do something good,” Queiroz added.

He continued: “You have seen for yourself the players in five minutes conceded an early goal despite their strong start, and for many reasons we started the game without focus and made mistakes at the beginning, as well as the high temperature and these circumstances surrounding the match led to the loss in the end.”

Queiroz continued: “Egypt must start a new stage and think about what is coming in the next World Cup, and I did not say that I am one of the best coaches in the world, and certainly I wanted to meet Cisse in order to win against him after losing Africa, but perhaps if I worked like him for 7 years with Egypt, the matter would have been differ.”


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